Lipstick is one of the oldest forms of make-up used by women around the world. It was invented to help make a women`s face not look so plain and dull. And while putting on a little lipstick can make a woman feel her best and bring forth her features, it can be dangerous. There has been evidence that directly links lipstick with many toxic chemicals that have been known to cause cancer related health problems. With these new studies however, brings about new types of cosmetics and people who still buy and use the old eyeliner stamp ones despite fears.

Telling people that there are toxins in lipstick is not changing the way women are using them. The truth is, many are still buying the name and non name brand products and sales are not declining. While studies have shown that there are direct links between lipstick and health problems many people are not flinching too much. It may be due to the fact that chemicals are found in everything and that many people feel that most things they consume are not good for them anyway. Many women smoke despite the risks, and fast foods are full of chemicals that people know are not good for them, but they still eat them.

When news of toxic chemicals first came out as the new study linking lipstick and health trouble, most people were shocked initially. They gasped and shook there heads and a few even made it the topic of gossip for a while. But did people stop buying them? No. And it goes back to women knowing that lots of products are not that great for them anyways; hair products, creams, tanning salons.

The studies that have been done include one that linked lipstick to breast cancer. Butyl benzyl phthalate (BBP) is used in lip gloss and is a chemical that some are trying to ban from make-up products. It is used in soft plastics, food packaging, toys and carpets. It has also been linked to birth defects, kidney issues and infertility. In fact this chemical was used in the making of baby mouthing toys and has since been banned. However, the use of it on women`s lips is still ongoing. This chemical stores itself in fat cells and has been linked to breast cancer.

In 2007, it was announced that high levels of lead were found in some top name brand lipstick companies. And while women were alarmed at first, sales have not plummeted for these retailers.

There are some companies that make organic based lipstick. Some people in their quest for eating and using organic products might turn to some of these companies for help. There is one company that boasts themselves on the fact that their make-up is vegan and gluten free. Many people using these products would assume that they are doing something great and good for their bodies, however in the listed ingredients of this lipstick the chemicals titanium dioxide were still found along with; wax and castor oil. Castor oil? If I were a vegan I think I would stick with plain old regular lipstick.

In lipstick that claims to be healthy, it is always best to find out what the exact ingredients are. There is no point in leaving one chemical behind only to consume another toxin. Some lipstick companies claim that they are healthy just to jump on the good health wagon and profit from people`s wish to lead healthier lifestyles. It is important to do some research and read labels on every make-up product, including the lipstick that many put on their lips several times a day.